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107 days - This gourmet melon is known for its sweet taste!  The skin color of the crenshaw is yellow green, with salmon colored flesh, and grows 6 to 10 pounds.  Delicious!115 days. Cucumis melo. Plant produces heavy yields of 10 lb green pear shaped melons that matures to yellow. It has a salmon-pink flesh that has superb flavor. Best when grown in warmer regions. A Crenshaw melon is a hybrid melon with very sweet, juicy orange flesh. Crenshaws are among the sweetest of melons when they are well cultivated, making them a popular melon during their peak season between July and September. Many markets and greengrocers carry Crenshaw melons in the summertime, along with an assortment of other refreshing summer fruits. When ripe, Crenshaw melons are roughly ovoid, with a greenish-yellow, slightly ribbed skin. Inside, the melons are a rich salmon pink, with a large seeded area in the center portion of the melon. To select a good Crenshaw melon in the store, look for a melon which feels heavy for its size, and yields slightly at the end of the melon where the flower once was. Keep the melon under refrigeration for up to three days before using. The melons were bred by crossing casaba melons with Persian melons, also sometimes called muskmelons. The favorable traits of both melon varieties successfully manifested in the cross breed, and it quickly became one of the more popular melons on the market. The melons can be eaten plain as a snack food, mixed in with fruit salads, or wrapped in prosciutto for a twist on the classic prosciutto wrapped melon appetizer. Crenshaw melon sorbet is also a great summer treat, and some people like to pickle slightly green Crenshaws to eat year-round.

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