DPW Animal Feed

DPW Deluxe Parakeet Mix

Feed DPW Parakeet mix contains canary seed, millet


DPW Premium Wild Bird Mix

Feed DPW Premium Wild Bird blend per #

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DPW Scratch (medium)

DPW Scratch (medium) chicken feed

Min:  50
Max: 100

DPW Special Wild Bird

DPW Special Bird feed, per #, when you want to give your birds just a little bit more...


DPW Sunshine Wild Bird per #

Feed DPW Sunshine Wild Bird, this recipe has been in use since before 1964


DPW Wild Bird Blend

Feed DPW Wild Bird per # Our classic blend contains red and white millet, red and white milo, cracked corn, wheat, oats, oil and stripe sunflower.


Feed Corn, Cracked medium grind

Feed Corn Cracked per pound medium grind

Units:  750

Feed DPW Audubo

Feed DPW Audubo 1#

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Feed DPW Berry Bird

Feed DPW Berry Wild Bird

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Feed DPW Canary

DPW Canary & Parakeet Feed 1964 recipe


Feed DPW Canary

Feed DPW Canary & Parakeet deluxe 1#


Feed DPW Canary & Parakeet

Feed DPW Canary & Parakeet 1964 recipe

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Feed DPW Cardinal Black & White

Feed DPW Cardinal Black & White is an equal blend of oil and stripe sunflower and safflower


Feed DPW Cardinal Delight

Feed DPW Cardinal Delight per #

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Feed DPW Finch Fantasy

Feed DPW Finch Fantasy per # An equal blend of red and white millet, fine sunflower meats, thistle, and canary seed, this blend will work in any...


Feed DPW Gourmet Wild Bird blend

Feed DPW Gourmet blend per #

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Min:  5
Max: 35

Feed DPW Low Waste Bird Feed Mix

Feed DPW Low Waste (per lb., volume discounts) is a blend of cracked corn, red and white millet, red and white milo, safflower, thistle, oats, wheat,...


Feed DPW No Corn Mix

DPW No Corn Wild Bird Blend Contains millets, milo, thistle, oil and stripe sunflower

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Feed DPW Scratch

Feed DPW Scratch # Our classic scratch recipe remains unchanged since 1964.


Feed DPW Scratch 1964 blend

Feed DPW Scratch with oil sunflower for added protein Our recipe has been made since 1964, 

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Feed DPW Scratch- coarse blend

Feed DPW Scratch coarse blend


Feed DPW Sunflower Combo

Feed DPW Sunflower Combo is an equal blend of oil and stripe sunflower, a favorite of cardinals and squirrels


Feed DPW Woodpecker Blend

Feed DPW Woodpecker & Squirrel Blend 1# loaded with raw peanuts in the shell

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Peanuts salted food grade per lb

Peanuts salted food grade Like peanuts? DP Wigley is the best place in town for salted fresh peanuts from Georgia and the Carolinas. Available in a...

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