Since 2006 in Downtown Racine in the DP Wigley building




2-Row Brewers 1 lb Briess LDC

Briess 2-Row Brewers is a light colored American base malt. Flavor contributions are mild & malty. Gives a smoother less grainy flavor. Basic...

HTI BM?5346/1

Aromatic Munich 20L 1 lb

L.20 Smooth Intensely Malty DP 40. 2-Row Munich-Style malt. This European-Style malt is a Darker Munich-Style malt that develops a very clean...


Ashburne® Mild 1 lb Briess

Malt Type: Specialty Grain Origin: North America Wort Color: 5.3 °Lovibond (12 EBC) Protein: 11.7% Moisture: 3.5% max. Extract (dry): 79.0% min....

LDC 1920A

Black Malt 1 Lb Briess

Black malt provides the color and sharp flavor found in stouts and porters. Typical Color L: 500 Flavor contributions: coffee, intense bitter, dry...

LDC 1883A

Blackprinz Malt 1 Lb Briess

Delicate, clean flavors make this malt ideal for contributing color when little flavor impact is desired. Smooth and mellow with hints of toasty,...


Bonlander® Munich 1 lb Briess

Malt Type: Specialty Grain Origin: North America Wort Color: 10 °Lovibond (23 EBC) Protein: 11.7% Moisture: 3.3% max. Extract (dry): 78.0% min....

LDC 1928A

Brewers Malt 1 Lb Briess

2-row brewers malt flavor contributions: mild malty gives a smoother less grainy flavor. Basic malt for all beer and ale styles. Flavor...


Carabrown Malt 1 Lb Briess

Delivers an array of toasted flavors. Smooth and clean with a slightly dry finish. Light brown/orange color contributions. Flavor contributions:...

LDC 1878A

Caracrystal Wheat 1 Lb Briess

Recommended for all beer styles using caramel malts such as IPAs, Pale Ales, low alcohol beers, wheat beers, Bock beers, and session beers where a...