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Brewers Best


BB Rye Pale Ale Ingredient Package (classic)

Rye pale ale a pale ale that uses just the right amount of rye munich and honey malt to create a unique spiciness. Then we use three different hop...


BB Scottish Ale Ingredient Pkg (classic)

Scottish Ale Our Scottish Ale is full of caramel malts, both in the extract and specialty grains. Chocolate malt, roasted barley and a touch of...

LDC 1033

BB Smoked Porter Ingredient Package (premium)

Smoked Porter Dark brown in color, this rich, full-bodied ale is smooth with chocolate and coffee-like overtones. Smoked malt imparts a complex,...


BB Summer Ale Seasonal -Brewer's Best Ingredient

    1054 SUMMER ALE INGREDIENT PACKAGE (SEASONAL)         Pleasant citrus...

LDC 1074

BB Tangerine Pale Ale

Tangerine peel and select hops combine to deliver mouth-watering aromas of citrus and tropical fruits. A smooth bitterness and light malty character...

LDC 1070

BB Toasted Coconut Cream Ale 5 gallon kit

We use biscuit malt, lactose and natural coconut flavoring to create an ale that is light bodied and sweet like a slice of coconut cream pie. This...

LDC 1066

BB Watermelon Wheat Ale

We've used a classic wheat beer recipe for the backbone of this brew and given it a twist of fruit by adding Brewer's Best® Natural...

LDC 1030

BB Weizenbier Ingredient Pkg (classic)

Wheat malt and european hops create the recipe for this easy-drinking Summertime classic. Light-bodied with a smooth finish, our weizenbier features...

LDC 1025

BB Whisky Barrel Stout Ingredient Package (premium)

Whisky Barrel Stout   Specially selected dark malt extracts and specialty grains combine to release a delightful bouquet of chocolate and...