Since 2006 in Downtown Racine in the DP Wigley building


Brewers Best

LDC 1020

BB Belgian Golden Ale Ingredient Package (premium)

Belgian Golden Ale We are keeping to Belgian tradition by crafting a strong golden ale using only pilsner malt and authentic Belgian style candi...


BB Belgian IPA Ingredient Pkg (premium)

A generous hops schedule and soft Belgian candi sugar combine to create this Modern style ale. Brewer’s Best® Belgian IPA includes that...


BB Belgian Saison Ingredient Package (classic)

A light bodied, effervescent ale with warm malty flavors and a slight orange hue From the steeping grains. Golden candi syrup lends a faint caramel...


BB Belgian Tripel Ingredient Package (premium)

Our Tripel contains one pound of light Belgian candi sugar to create a high gravity beer that is golden in color with a creamy, white head. This kit...

B Brandy

BB Brandy Barrel Double Brown

*Available in Winter* Big and malty sweet with hints of warm bread. Brewer’s Best® Brandy Barrel Chips bring a slight floral flavor with...

LDC 1106

BB Brewer's Best× Co2 Kit

Contains: 5 lb. Aluminum CO2 Tank, Primary Dual Gauge Regulator, 5' Black Tubing 3/16" I.D., 5' Red Tubing 5/16" I.D., Picnic Dispensing Faucet,...

LDC 1102

BB Brewer's Best× Deluxe Kegging Equipment Kit

Contains 5 Gallon Stainless Steel Ball Lock Keg, Black Liquid Disconnect with 1/4" MFL, Gray Gas Disconnect with 1/4" MFL, Hose Clamps, Picnic...

LDC 1081

BB Brut Dry Pale Ale

*Available in Summer* Brut IPA’s little brother....our Brut Dry Pale Ale is very dry and packed with hops. Notes of grapefruit and lemon citrus...

LDC 1050

BB Chocolate Chili Stout

This full-bodied, dark brew showcases a roasted aroma profile with a rich chocolate flavor, subtle raisin notes and a spicy kick. Enjoy young and the...