Hops Domestic 1 oz

Our hops are sourced from HopUnion, Yakima Chief and BSG Handcraft, click on product to get more complete description.

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LDC 2094A

Hop US Warrior Pellets 1 Oz

A general-purpose bittering hop that offers a neutral clean bittering primarily in ale styles. Alpha acids are in the range of 15% to 17%. It has a...


Hop US Warrior® 1 oz BSG Pellets

Hop Type: Bittering Origin: United States Alpha Acid: 19.7% Similar Varieties: Columbus, Magnum Common Styles: IPA, Imperial IPA, American Ales...

BSG 4270A

Hop US Willamette Pellets 1 oz

(American)A spicy aromatic finishing hop. American and British ales and lagers. Avg Alpha 4.5-7

LDC 2095A

Hop US Willamette Pellets 1 Oz

Willamette is a quality aroma hop with a smooth soft flavor. Can be used for ales and lagers. Used for finishing & dry hopping. American and...

LDC 2096A

Hop US Zythos Pellets 1 Oz

A proprietary hop blend created to embody the powerful tradition and aroma you expect from your finest ales and ipa brews. With targeted brewing...