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LDC 2099A

Hop US Millennium Pellets 1 Oz

U.s. Millennium: a triploid high alpha acid variety with Nugget as the mother with a mild herbal aroma. Used for ales, stouts, and barley wine....

LDC 2003A

Hop US Mosaic— Hbc 369cv Pellets 1 Oz

 As a daughter of simcoe® ycr14, mosaic offers a rich line of hop heritage including f-10 tomahawk and nugget. It features relatively high...

BSG 4240A

Hop US Mount Hood Pellets 1 oz

(America)Closely approximates Hallertau Mittelfrüh with a light delicate aroma. Primarily an aroma hop for American and German Ales and Lagers....

LDC 2060A

Hop US Mt Hood Pellets 1 Oz YCH

Mt. Hood is an aroma variety released in 1989 from the u.s.d.a. breeding programs in oregon. The variety is a triploid daughter of hallertauer...

LDC 2061A

Hop US Mt. Rainier 1 Oz Pellets

Mt. Rainier   Pedigree Complex parentage including Hallertau, Galena and Fuggle Brewing Usage Dual Purpose Aroma Excellent floral...

LDC 2063A

Hop US Newport Pellets 1 Oz

Mild. Typical Alpha Acid: 13.5% - 17.0%. For exact alpha acid please contact customer service.

LDC 2065A

Hop US Northern Brewer Pellets 1 Oz

Medium intensity, pine and mint characteristics. Typical Alpha Acid: 8.0% - 10.0%. For exact alpha acid please contact customer service.

LDC 2070A

Hop US Nugget Pellets 1 Oz

Nugget selected from a cross between brewers gold and a high alpha male. Heavy herbal and spicy aroma extremely bitter. Used for medium to dark ales...

BSG 4247A

Hop US Nugget Pellets 1 oz

(America)Extremely bitter, herbal, spicy aroma. Medium to dark ales and lagers. Avg Alpha 12- 13.5