Hop To It Kits

Step inside our store walls, or put your recipe together and email it to us, and we will assemble a complete or partial recipe kit for you. Whether you want all-grain or partial grain with extract, specify whether you would like your grains crushed or whole, and mixed together or bagged separately. Individual Hop additions are weighed and bagged separately for ease in cooking. With over 110 different hop varieties in stock, over 110 different grains in house, and well over 150 yeast varieties, we can assemble nearly any recipe you need.

We have thousands of recipes available, and are happy to share any of our own award winning recipes.

Email us at hoptoit@dpwigley.com

Double Draggin' Pale Ale

This Belgian Pale Ale is about 6.2% ABV, 36 IBUs, and 8.0 SRM. We have made it with the Wyeast Flanders Golden Ale yeast and the Leuven Pale yeast,...

Grandma Latka's Bohemian Lager

ALL-GRAIN: This is a big beer! At a deceptive 9.1% alcohol, it is malty, filling, and sweet, yet has a somewhat dry finish. A crowd favorite two...

HTI Doppelbock

This kit uses mostly extract, so tends to have very consistent results. It finished 2nd out of over 700 entries a few years ago, and benefits by...
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