Brewer's Best Premium Kits

Our private brand of all-malt ingredient kits are designed fo the beginner yet challenging enough for the intermediate brewer. Contains fermentables, priming sugar, yeast, brewing procedures, bottle caps, hops, specialty grains and grain bag(s). PREMIUM RECIPES - our premium recipe all-malt ingredient kits are big in taste and bold in flavor, not for the weak of heart! These higher alcohol kits come complete with all the ingredients and step-by-step instructions to brew 5 gallons of beer.

LDC 1020

BB Belgian Golden Ale Ingredient Package (premium)

Belgian Golden Ale We are keeping to Belgian tradition by crafting a strong golden ale using only pilsner malt and authentic Belgian style candi...


BB Belgian IPA Ingredient Pkg (premium)

A generous hops schedule and soft Belgian candi sugar combine to create this Modern style ale. Brewer’s Best® Belgian IPA includes that...


BB Belgian Tripel Ingredient Package (premium)

Our Tripel contains one pound of light Belgian candi sugar to create a high gravity beer that is golden in color with a creamy, white head. This kit...

LDC 1027

BB Coffee Porter Ingredient Package (premium)

Coffee Porter   Deep brown in color with a dark roasted coffee nose giving way to intense flavors of chocolate, coffee and a slight roasty...

LDC 1035

BB Double India Pale Ale Ingredient Package (premium)

Double IPA This high gravity ale has an upfront and dominant hop profile. The aromas of citrus and slight pine from the complex hop flavors are...

LDC 1036

BB Honey Brown Ale Ingredient Package (premium)

Honey Brown Ale Refreshing yet flavorful, this Honey Brown Ale yields a malty sweet profile, finishing crisp and almost lager-like, while the...


BB Imperial Blonde Ale Ingredient Package (premium)

This recipe produces a malty, high gravity, full-bodied version of this easy drinking, well-rounded beer style. Golden in color, imperial blonde ale...


BB Imperial Nut Brown Ingredient Package (premium)

A rich, complex high-gravity specialty ale. It’s a full-bodied brew with plenty of hop character to balance this imperial style brown ale. The...


BB Imperial Pale Ale Ingredient Package (premium)

Our take on the popular arrogant bastard ale. The copper-colored brew begins with an intensely rich malt flavor followed by an explosion of hop aroma...