Brewer's Best Classic Kit

Our private brand of all-malt ingredient kits are designed for the beginner yet challenging enough for the intermediate brewer. Contains fermentables, priming sugar, yeast, brewing procedures, bottle caps, hops, specialty grains and grain bag(s). CLASSIC RECIPES - all recipes conform to AHA Style Guidelines and include all the ingredients with proven recipes to produce prize-winning brews.


BB American Amber Ingredient Package (classic)

This American version of an amber ale is rich in taste balanced by an excellent blend of willamette hops for a great aftertaste and mouth feel. Pale...


BB American Cream Ale Ingredient Package (classic)

ABV: 5.25% - 5.75% IBUs: 16 - 18 Difficulty: Easy American Cream Ale   An ale version of the American lager style. Clean, light and simple...


BB American Light Ingredient Package (classic)

A light ale with a super smooth flavor. This beer goes down easy perfect on a hot summer day. Uses the traditional combination of pilsner malt, rice...


BB American Pale Ale Ingredient Package (classic)

This recipe is designed after the most popular micro pale ales. Good body golden color and plenty of hops. Perhaps the most widely brewed American...


BB American Pale Wheat Ingredient Package (classic)

An easy drinking ale blending the styles of pale ale and wheat beer. The malt bill is based on wheat extract and flaked red wheat and will provide a...


BB Belgian Saison Ingredient Package (classic)

A light bodied, effervescent ale with warm malty flavors and a slight orange hue From the steeping grains. Golden candi syrup lends a faint caramel...

LDC 1008

BB Continental Pilsner Package (classic)

This beer can be enjoyed anytime to quench your thirst. A light beer with the infamous hop character from the czech saaz hop. One of the...


BB Dunkelweizen Ingredient Pkg (classic)

Munich and chocolate malts combine to create a darker maltier version than its lighter counterpart hefeweizen. Dunkelweizen is amber-brown in color...

LDC 1078

BB Dunkelweizenbock Ingredient Kit

Chocolate Wheat and Munich malts combine to create a rich, malty flavor with hints of clove and banana from the specially selected yeast. The higher...