Shrink Capsules

Shrink Capsules for wine bottles and shrink capsule tools
LDC 19000

Shrink Cap Ferrari Thermocapsuler 110v Horizontal Type

Ferrari thermocapsuler horizontal type (110v). Special order itemusually available within one week.

LDC 19000A

Shrink Cap Switch Replacement For # 8063 S.S. Thermocapsuler

Replacement switch for #8.Special order item usually available within one week.

BSG 6631

Shrink Capsule Bench-Top PVC Shrink Machine

Electric coils with slant slide table for simple use.

BSG 6598

Shrink Capsule Fast Seal Tool for PVC Capsules

Holds capsule in place to be immersed in hot water. Each.

LDC 4585A

Shrink Capsules 30/Bag Black PVC

PVC SHRINK CAPSULES WITH TEAR TABS - Heat shrink capsules. Easy to apply by dipping in boiling water, using a heat gun, or a blow dryer. Regular...

LDC 4569A

Shrink Capsules 30/Bag Black/Silver Grapes PVC

Black silver grapes pvc shrink capsules ( of 30)

LDC 4571A

Shrink Capsules 30/Bag Blue/Gold Grapes PVC

Blue gold grapes pvc shrink capsules ( of 30)

LDC 4586A

Shrink Capsules 30/Bag Burgundy PVC

Burgundy pvc shrink capsules ( of 30)

LDC 4594A

Shrink Capsules 30/Bag Burgundy/Gold Grapes

Burgundy gold grapes pvc shrink capsules ( of 30)