Wyeast older packages

These are older yeast packages, generally older than 6 months, which will definitely need a series of starters to be made to bring them back to viability. We offer them since some may no longer be available as fresh yeasts, or to give you experience in propagating older yeasts. We have successfully brewed with many older yeasts, indeed, all the ribbons and medals we have won to date have been with beers that have used older packages. Use at your own risk, however. We smack the pack to start, wait for them to swell, sometimes a week. A few, such as the Trappist Ales, we have found may take 2-3 weeks to swell, but when they do so they swell very rapidly. Once package has sweled, we make a starter, first at half a liter, then double it to a liter, than to two liters, then to 4 liters.
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