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Welcome to Muntons plc

Muntons is a leading global player in the supply of malts, malt extracts, flours and flakes and many other malted ingredients relevant to the food and drinks industry exporting around half of its production. In addition Muntons also manufactures an extensive range of beer, wine and cider making kits, which are also sold globally.

   Black malt: A highly roasted malt used predominantly in dark beers such as browns, milds, porters, and stouts.

   Cara pils: Lightly kiln-roasted crystallized malt developed to add subtle flavor and color effects to a wide range of beer styles.

   Chocolate malt: Like the black malt, chocolate malt is used to produce dark beers such as browns, mild porters, and stouts and to color bitters and pale ales. Chocolate malt has a less bitter flavor than black malt. Well roasted.

   Crystal malt: Kiln-roasted caramelized malt used to add nutty flavor characteristics to a wide variety of beer styles, from pale ales to stouts.

   Lager malt: A slightly less highly modified malt suitable for lager- or Pilsener-style beers. Lightly kilned to ensure low color pick-up.

   Mild ale malt: Well-modified, well-kilned two-row malt developed specifically for the production of mild or brown ales.

   Pale malt: Premium-quality ale malt intended for the production of top-quality English and American ales.

   Wheat malt: UK brewing-quality wheat malted until it is well modified. Suitable for wheat beers, Weiss beers, or as an adjunct.

Weight Item Name-

Amber Malt 1 Lb Muntons

Has a light, biscuity dry flavor and can be used to product Bitter and Mild Ales and sweet Stouts as well as the traditional London Porters that have...

Black Malt 1 Lb Muntons

A roasted malt colored to a higher degree than Chocolate Malt in the roasting process. Black Malt has no diastatic activity and no fermentable...

Caramalt 1 Lb Muntons

This is a light crystal malt used to add body and sweetness to beer without adding too much color. Flavor contributions: no flavor contribution EBC:...

Chocolate Malt 1 Lb Muntons

This is a roasted malt imparting brown color, nutty toasted flavor and body to dark beer in English Ale brewing where its pleasant characteristic...

Crystal 150 1 lb 60 Lovibond

EBC: 130-170 Lovibond: 49-64 Usage: to 25% Moisture: 6.0 max % Total Nitrogen: 1.85 max % Extract% (dry basis): 73 min Soluble Nitrogen Ratio: N/A...

Crystal 40L 1 lb

Muntons Crystal Malt 40L 1 LB

Crystal 60l Malt 1 Lb Muntons

Gives a sweet caramel flavor and provides body. Typical Color L: 60 Flavor contributions: sweet, pronounced caramel

Crystal 90L 1 lb

Muntons Crystal Malt 90L 1 LB

Crystal II 60-75L 1 lb

Muntons Crushed Crystal 1 lb Bag EBC: 160-200 Lovibond: 60-75

Lager Malt 1 Lb Muntons

A low color, lightly modified malt for use in Pilsner and Lager beer styles. 2.0 - 2.75 Flavor contributions: malty, sweetEbc: 3.1 max Lovibond: 1.62...

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