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Bairds Malt

With a malting heritage dating back to 1823, Bairds Malt Limited is one of the United Kingdom's premier malt producers. It is a major supplier to the Scotch whisky industry and to major brewers, both domestic and international. A proud provider of certified Assured UK Malt, Bairds Malt currently produces more than 250,000 tonnes of malt each year. From two malt plants in England and three in Scotland, Bairds Malt produces a complete range of brewing and distilling malts. The Inverness plant is capable of producing a full spectrum of malt products, including peated malts. A dedicated roasting facility at Witham produces a full range of roasted and crystal malts. At the heart of Bairds Malt’s centuries-old tradition, are the superb malting barley varieties for which the United Kingdom is famous. Through its own merchanting companies – Saxon Agriculture (in East Anglia) and Scotgrain Agriculture, Bairds Malt is able to procure the highest quality English and Scottish barley.

Weight Item Name-

Black 1 lb 500-600L

Bairds Black Malt (500-600°L) is produced by roasting kilned malt at temperatures up to 482°F. This malt lends color and Flavor to Dark...

Carastan Dark 30-37L.1#

Bairds Carastan (30-40°L) malt is made through a process of stewing germinated malt followed by an extensive period of high-degree roasting for...

Carastan Light 13-17L 1#

Bairds light Carastan (13-17°L) Produced in a similar fashion as Baird’s Carastan (see below) but the final roasting is prolonged at a...

Chocolate 450-500L 1 lb

Bairds Chocolate Malt (450-500°L) Made the same was as Bairds Black Malt except that is roasted less to preserve a lighter color.

Crystal 10 1 lb

Crystal 10 1 lb

Crystal 55L 1 lb Baird

Crystal 55 (50-60°L) Similar to C40 but with a more extensive roasting to a target color of 55° ASBC. Has a more pronounced Caramel Flavor to...

Crystal Dark 70-80L 1 lb

Bairds Dark Crystal (70-80°L) Bairds Extra Dark Crystal (115-155°L) Bairds Crystal malts are manufactured using a method similar to that of...

Crystal Extra Dark 1 lb

Crystal Extra Dark 55 lb Bairds 115-155L: Bairds Crystal malts are manufactured using a method similar to that of their Carastan malts except that...

Maris Otter Pale Ale 1 lb

Bairds Maris Otter (2.5-3.5°L) Maris Otter is a British barley malt variety known for producing beers with a full malty Flavor.

Munich 1 lb 4-6L

Bairds Munich (4-6°L) Malt is stewed then lightly kilned at temperatures below 212 °F (100 °C) resulting in a malt that lends color without...

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