Who we are

Our ambition is to make the Malteurop Group the unchallenged leader in the malt industry. We want to be the best and generate value in all our modes of collaboration with our brewer customers.

To fulfill this ambition, Malteurop has developed an original concept – occupying the position of market integrator of the barley-malt-beer value chain.

Our mission

  • commit ourselves to supporting brewers in their international growth,
  • guarantee the security and permanence of their supply chain,
  • manage the physical and financial risks involved in the business,
  • optimize the total cost of the value chain.

The environment is more than a priority for Malteurop. Our success depends on preserving the natural resources necessary for the production of malt. Thus we work to make sure that all our agricultural, industrial, and economic activities are respectful of the environment.

Finally, Malteurop’s ambition is supported and shared by the long-term commitments of its shareholders, who are themselves involved in and contribute to the barley-malt-beer value chain.

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