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Thomas Fawcett & Sons Malting

Thomas Fawcett The Fawcett family has been making malt in Castleford, West Yorkshire since the late 1780's. The Company was properly established in 1809 and became a Limited Company just after the first War in 1919. The Company continues as one of the oldest family controlled and run businesses in the UK. The sixth and seventh generation of Fawcetts are actively involved in directing the activities of the Company today. With over 200 years of experience the Company has the expertise, technology and capability to produce an extensive range of Pale Ale, Crystal and Roasted Malts to a consistently high standard. Thomas Fawcett & Sons Ltd., operates on its original site in Castleford, West Yorkshire where all products are manufactured. The Company does not cut corners and always uses the finest raw materials that each new growing season provides. All barleys are bought on sample which means the Company is not exposed to blending variations associated with barley "bulking" operations. The best barleys ensure the supply of quality malt, season after season.

Weight Item Name-

Amber 1 lb

Fawcett Amber (30-42°L) malt is a more Toasted form of pale ale malt and is typically used in Brown Porter recipes. This malt has no diastatic...

Black 1 lb F 410-500L

Fawcett Black Malt (410-500°L) is barley malt that has been roasted to the point of carbonizing. This malt provides intensely Dark color and acrid...

Brown 1 lb F

Fawcett Brown Malt (52-65°L) is a Darker form of pale malt and is typically used in brown ale as well as in Porter and Stouts.

Caramalt 1 lb 'Cara-pils'

Fawcett Caramalt (20-27°L) will impart a light Flavor and slight red hue. Great for Dark Lagers and ales. Will contribute dextrins and add to foam...

Chocolate 325-400L 1 lb

Fawcett Chocolate Malt (325-400°L) A classic malt for Stout Porter and brown ale. Provides color for a wide variety of Darker beer Styles. http:...

Crystal Dark 83-90L 1 lb

Fawcett Dark Crystal Malt I (83-90°L) Contributes a strong reddish hue to Dark beers. This malt will impart a roasty edge on Top of a malty...

Crystal Dark II 118-124L

Fawcett Dark Crystal Malt II (118-124°L) Will provide intense crystal malt Sweetness coupled with a moderate amount of burnt Caramel bitterness....

Crystal I 42-48L 45 1lb

Fawcett Crystal Malt I (42-48°L) A good general-purpose crystal malt. Will impart a moderate Amber color and Caramel Flavor to your beer Normal...

Crystal II 62-68L 1 lb

Fawcett Crystal Malt II (62-68°L) An excellent all-purpose crystal malt. Will impart Sweet Caramel crystal toffee notes to your beer.

Crystal Rye 1 lb

Fawcett Crystal Rye (70-80°L) Will lend a Dry Licorice toffee Flavor. Great for use in complex multi-grain brews where that extra special...

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