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Great Western Malting Co.

Great Western Malting Company has been producing malt for brewers in the western United States since 1934. The company contributed to the early craft brewing movement by filling cardboard boxes and pick-up truck beds full of malt for fledgling brewers in the early 1980s. The company is currently an independent subsidiary within a group of malting companies that includes Canada Malting Company, Hugh Baird & Sons (see the Hugh Baird & Sons listing for further details), and the Argentine company Malteria Pampa S.A. in Buenos Aires. The ConAgra Malt network, as the group is known, is dedicated to earning a preferred position as a malt supplier to brewers worldwide.

   Great Western uses two-row barley from a variety of growing regions in seven western states for a diversified supply of high-quality barley. Malting is performed at sites in Vancouver, Washington; Pocatello, Idaho; and Los Angeles, California. The diverse locations give Great Western advantageous distribution channels and a range of malting techniques from which to choose. The company's drum house in Vancouver, Washington, still turns out malt to complement the more modern Saladin-style compartment houses operating in all three locations. The flexi-malt house also at the Vancouver site provides Great Western the versatility to produce wheat and Munich malts known throughout North America for their well-developed flavors and brewing quality. All maltings are supervised by knowledgeable maltsters with attention to detail.


Weight Item Name-

2-Row Premium 1 lb G

Premium 2-Row 1 lb 1.8-2.2L, usage up to 100%; A base malt, perfect for all beer styles, especially American ales and Lagers. with moderate protein...

Crystal 120L 1 lb

Crystal 120 (115-125°L) As longer roasting times are used to reach colors of 120° ASBC this crystal malt takes on a fairly intense toffee...

Crystal 150L 1 lb

Crystal 150 (145-155°L) Similar to the C120, but with a much more intense Flavor and color. May get a hint of the burnt character

Crystal 15L 1 lb

Crystal 15 (13-17°L) A lightly roasted two-row malt. The slight Caramel Flavor and light color provides the brewer with subtlety in the recipe.

Crystal 30L 1 lb

Crystal 30 (27-33°L) A fully modified and saccharified two-row crystal malt roasted to a target color of 30° ASBC. A versatile malt providing...

Crystal 40L 1 lb

Crystal 40 (35-45°L) A fully modified and saccharified two-row crystal malt roasted to a target color of 40° ASBC. A versatile malt providing...

Crystal 60L 1 lb

Crystal 60 (55-65°L) Similar to C40 but with a more extensive roasting to a target color of 60° ASBC. Has a more pronounced Caramel Flavor to...

Crystal 75L 1 lb

Crystal 75 (70-80°L) This two-row malt is roasted to product a color of 75° ASBC. At this roasting level the toffee Flavor join the Caramel...

DextraPils 1 lb

Color Range °L : 1.5 Target Color °L : 1.5 Moisture % : 6 Protein Total % : 12.5 Extract FG Dry : 74 Organic : No Origin : North...

Organic Caramel 15 1 lb

Organic Caramel 15 1 lb

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