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Gambrinus Malting Corporation

Gambrinus Malting Corporation

Gambrinus Malting Corporation has the distinction of being the smallest malting house in North America. The company produces about 5,500 tonnes (6,200 U.S. tons) of malt each year at its malthouse. The malthouse originally belonged to the Schlossquell Brewery of Heidelberg, Germany. In its time, the Schlossquell Brewery produced all of its own brewing malt on-site in downtown Heidelberg. In 1992, the malthouse was dismantled and shipped to Armstrong, British Columbia, Canada, where it became the key component of Gambrinus's fledgling malting operation.

   During the past five years, Gambrinus's product line has grown into a select coterie of malts designed to serve the needs of the expanding craft brewing sector. The company operates two distribution warehouses located in Denver, Colorado, and Los Angeles, California, to speed deliveries to U.S. breweries. The barley sourced by Gambrinus is grown in the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta and are processed at Gambrinus' plant in Armstrong.


   ESB pale malt: This "Extra Special British" pale malt is malted for brewers seeking the unique flavor imparted by well-modified British pale malt. Gambrinus modified its malting process to produce this distinct malt traditionally found only on the British Isles.

   Honey malt: Honey malt is the company's best description for the unique European malt known as brumalt. Its intense malt sweetness makes it perfect for any specialty beer. It has a color profile of 20-30 °L and is devoid of astringent roast flavors.

   Munich 90: This plump, sweet, mellow Munich is designed to produce amber beers or traditional Munich-style beers with well-balanced malty characteristics. It is traditionally germinated and kilned to deliver a color of 10 °L and may be used in up to 100% of the grist, depending on the color and flavor intensity desired. Well modified.

   Munich 100: A deeply kilned Munich malt with the color and flavor characteristics of a roasted malt and the mellowness normally associated with Munich malt. With a color rating of 25-30 °L, this malt is perfect for beer needing a hint of redness. Recommended to be used in up to 30% of the grist, depending on the desired flavor and color intensity.

   Pale: A plump, two-row, European-type pale malt. Gambrinus strives to obtain only the lowest protein malting barley available. Well modified.

   Wheat: This plump, traditionally European, malted soft winter wheat can be used in wheat beers for up to 80% of the grist or to improve body and head retention when used at levels up to 10%. Well modified and low in protein. Color is typically 1.5-2 °L.

Weight Item Name-

ESB Pale 1 lb

Gambrinus ESB Pale (3-4°L) This “Extra Special British” pale malt is malted for brewers seeking the unique Flavor imparted by well...

Honey Malt 1 lb Gambrinus

Gambrinus honey malt (20-25°l) honey malt sometimes known as brumalt has an intense malt sweetness free of astringent roast flavor which makes it...

Munich Dark 1 lb

Gambrinus Munich Dark (Munich 100) (30-35°L)Deeply kilned Munich malt with the color and Flavor characteristics of roasted malt and the mellowness...

Munich Light 1 lb G

Gambrinus Munich light (Munich 90) (9.5-10.5°L) This Sweet mellow Munich malt is designed to produce Amber beers or traditional Munich Style beers...

Organic Pilsen 1 lb

Organic Pilsner Malt 1 lb Gambrinus: Produced from Certified Organic Canadian 2?Row Barley and Wheat, Gambrinus Organic malts are ideally suited for...

Pale Ale 1 lb

Pale Ale 1 lb

Pilsen 1 lb .

Pilsen (1-2°L) is malted with an emphasis on low total protein and relatively low S T. This ensures good Extract levels no haze problems and low...

Vienna 2-row 1 lb

The increased malty Flavor balances nicely with higher-hopped higher color and fuller bodied beers. Flavor contributions: malty very slight biscuit

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