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The Briess tradition dates back to 1876, when the Briess family of grain traders in Moravia, Czechoslovakia, diversified into the manufacture of quality malts and malt extracts. This family-owned enterprise soon became well-known within the brewing industries of Europe and the Americas. In the 1930s, Eric Briess (third generation) extended operations to a new malting facility in the American Midwest. In the 1970s, Briess renewed and intensified research into the development of new uses for malt, leading to the creation of new malt types and brewing grains that have improved the spectrum of ingredients available to creative brewers.

Weight Item Name-

Aromatic Munich 20L 1 lb

L.20 Smooth Intensely Malty DP 40. 2-Row Munich-Style malt. This European-Style malt is a Darker Munich-Style malt that develops a very clean...

Ashburne® Mild 1 lb Briess

Malt Type: Specialty Grain Origin: North America Wort Color: 5.3 °Lovibond (12 EBC) Protein: 11.7% Moisture: 3.5% max. Extract (dry): 79.0% min....

Black Malt 1 Lb Briess

Black malt provides the color and sharp flavor found in stouts and porters. Typical Color L: 500 Flavor contributions: coffee, intense bitter, dry...

Blackprinz Malt 1 Lb Briess

Delicate, clean flavors make this malt ideal for contributing color when little flavor impact is desired. Smooth and mellow with hints of toasty,...

Bonlander® Munich 1 lb Briess

Malt Type: Specialty Grain Origin: North America Wort Color: 10 °Lovibond (23 EBC) Protein: 11.7% Moisture: 3.3% max. Extract (dry): 78.0% min....

Brewers Malt 1 Lb Briess

2-row brewers malt flavor contributions: mild malty gives a smoother less grainy flavor. Basic malt for all beer and ale styles. Flavor...

Carabrown Malt 1 Lb Briess

Delivers an array of toasted flavors. Smooth and clean with a slightly dry finish. Light brown/orange color contributions. Flavor contributions:...

Caracrystal Wheat 1 Lb Briess

Recommended for all beer styles using caramel malts such as IPAs, Pale Ales, low alcohol beers, wheat beers, Bock beers, and session beers where a...

Caramel 10l Malt 1 Lb Briess 2-Row

Gives a sweet, mild caramel flavor and a golden color. Typical Color L: 10 Flavor contributions: candylike sweetness, mild caramel Malt Type:...

Caramel 120l Malt 1 Lb Briess

Gives a pronounced to sharp caramel flavor and a deep red color. Typical Color L: 120 Flavor contributions: pronounced caramel, burnt sugar, raisiny,...

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