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Weyermann Malting Company

The 118-year-old malthouse housing Mich. Weyermann & Co. KG Malzfabrik is a protected historic site. But behind the red-brick turn-of-the-century exterior lies the modernized heart of the world's leading manufacturer of specialty brewing malts. Presided over by Sabine Weyermann, a fourth-generation member of the founding family, and her husband, Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, the company benefits as much from its roots in the past as it does from its recent expansion and modern overhaul.

   For over a century, Mich. Weyermann has been pursuing a policy of providing customizable, brandname specialty malts to breweries large and small, first in Bamberg and nearby regions, and currently to customers in virtually every continent of the world. Aided by new facilities and equipment, the company is better able than ever to serve its more than 900 customers worldwide, including future prospects in Asia and the United States. Tradition and up-to-date training are personified by the husband/wife team, both of whom graduated from the Weihenstephan school in nearby Munich, where Weyermann products are sampled by masterbrewers-to-be from all over the world.

   About one-third of the company's regular rotation consists of specialty malts; the remainder is geared toward keeping Germany stocked with Pilsener. All malting is done to individual order in amounts ranging from 25-kg sacks to export-size containers.


The Mich. Weyermann line of Bavarian-grown malts and brewing adjuncts is derived mostly from two-row Alexis, Steffi, and Krona barley or from quality wheat or rye. Mich. Weyermann uses Saladin box germination.

   Acidulated malt (Sauermalz): Lowers the pH level of the wort, resulting in intensified fermentation and lightened Pils-like beer color for improved flavor stability and rounded flavor in Pilsener-style light beers, ales, and pale ales. Processed to yield an acid rate of 50-55%.

   Melanoidin malt: Improves flavor stability, fullness, and imparts a reddish color to dark, amber, and red-colored beers. Kilned.

   Pilsener malt: A sound base malt capable of producing superb Pilseners, lagers, ales, and all other beer types.

   Roasted rye malt: Intensifies the color and typical aroma of dark, top-fermented beers. Produced from Humbold German rye modified by kilning and roasting.

   Rye malt: Derived from healthy, German-grown rye kilned to produce a typical smoked aroma. The malt is primarily used to create rye beers, smoked beers, Lagerbiers, and Kellerbiers.

   Smoked malt (Rauchmalz): Best used to create smoked beers, Lagerbier, and Kellerbier. Derived from Alexis, Steffi, and Krona varieties.

   Vienna malt: Used to create full-bodied, golden-colored, smooth-tasting beers such as Märzenbier, Maibock, festival beer, and various homebrews.

The following malts are modified to varying degrees by kilning and/or roasting. They are used to intensify the typical aroma and color of dark beers, particularly German Altbiers, stouts, Bocks, and porters.    Carafa® 1, 11, and 111: Use in up to 5% of the grist.

   Carafa® Special 1, 11, and 111: Produced from dehusked barley.

   Munich Type 1, 11, and 11: Enhances the body and aroma of dark beers, Bocks, festival beers, and stouts.

The following malts comprise a blend of Alexis, Steffi, Krona, and Sissi barleys modified using roasting drums and kilning. Their chief contributions are improved foam, increased fullness, and intensified malt aroma.

   Carafoam®: Best used to create Pilseners, lagers, and low- or nonalcoholic beers.

   Carahell®: Imparts a fuller, rounder flavor and a deep, saturated color to pale ale, festival beer, Maibock, Hefeweizen, Schankbier, light and reduced-alcohol beers.

   Caramünich® 1, 11, and I I I: Each malt imparts varying degrees of flavor and color. Best used to create Bocks, dark beers, festival beers, malt beers, nourishing beers, and Oktoberfest beers.

Wheat Malts
Weyermann also produces a range of wheat malts derived from Atlantis, Toronto, Kanzler, and Borenos varieties and subjected to varying degrees of kilning and roasting. Intended for top-fermented beers.

   Roasted wheat malt I and 11: Intensifies the typical aroma and color of dark top fermented beers such as Altbier, Weizen, and Weizenbock.

   Wheat caramel malt: Promotes fullness, emphasizes typical wheat malt aroma, and enhances the color of top-fermented beers, particularly Dunkelweizen and Hefeweizen.

   Wheat malt dark and wheat malt pale: Typical top-fermented aroma produces superb slimmer, more sprightly wheat beers with aromas appropriate for the style. The dark wheat version is best used for Weizen, Kölsch, Altbier, Bockbier, and stouts. Use the pale wheat to create Kölsch, Altbier, wheat beers, Hefeweizen, and low- or nonalcohol beers.

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   Sinamar: Used to color different kinds of food, such as bread, drinks (beer, nonalcoholic drinks, tea), and pharmaceutical products. Sinamar is brewed according to the German purity law.


Weight Item Name-

Abbey Malt® 1 lb Weyermann®

EBC: 40-50 Lovibond: 15.5-19.2 Usage: to 50% Moisture: 4.5 max % Total Nitrogen: Extract% (dry basis): min 75% Soluble Nitrogen Ratio:

Acidulated 1 lb Weyermann®

EBC: 3-6 Lovibond: 1.7-2.8 Usage: to 5% Moisture: 6.0-7.0% Total Nitrogen: 10.0-11.0 Extract% (dry basis):N/A Soluble Nitrogen Ratio: N/A

Beech Smoked 1 lb Weyermann®

EBC: 4-8 Lovibond: 2.1-3.6 Usage: to 100% Moisture: 4.0-5.0% Total Nitrogen: 11.0-12.0 Extract% (dry basis): 78-81 Soluble Nitrogen Ratio: 38-45...

Bohemian Pilsner 1 lb Weyermann®

Malt Type: Base Grain Origin: Bohemia (CZ) Color: 1.7-2.4 °Lovibond (3-5 EBC) Protein: 9.5-11.5% Moisture: 5% max. Extract (dry): 80% min....

CARAAMBER® 1 lb Weyermann®

EBC: 60-80 Lovibond: 25-30 Usage: to 20% Moisture: 3.0-4.5% Total Nitrogen: 10.0-12.0% Extract% (dry basis): 78-81 Soluble Nitrogen Ratio: N/A

CARAAROMA® 1 lb Weyermann®

EBC: 300-400 Lovibond: 110-150 Usage: to 15% Moisture: 4.5-7.0% Total Nitrogen: 10.5-12.5% Extract% (dry basis): 74-79 Soluble Nitrogen Ratio: N/A

CARABELGE® 1 lb Weyermann®

EBC: 30-40 Lovibond: 11.7-15.5 Usage: to 30% Moisture: 9.0 max % Total Nitrogen: Extract% (dry basis): min 74% Soluble Nitrogen Ratio:

CARABOHEMIAN® 1 lb Weyermann®

EBC: 190-210 Lovibond: 71.8-79.3 Usage: to 15% Moisture: 6.5 max % Total Nitrogen: Extract% (dry basis): min 73% Soluble Nitrogen Ratio:

CARAFA® Special Type 1 (dehusked) 1 lb Weyermann®

EBC: 800-900 Lovibond: 300-340 Usage: to 5% Moisture: 3.5% max Total Nitrogen: N/A Extract% (dry basis): 70 min Soluble Nitrogen Ratio: N/A

CARAFA® Special Type 2 (dehusked) 1 lb Weyermann®

EBC: 1000-1200 Lovibond: 375-450 Usage: to 5% Moisture: 3.5% max Total Nitrogen: N/A Extract% (dry basis): 70 min Soluble Nitrogen Ratio: N/A

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