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Mountmellick Malt Extract

Mountmellick Beer Kits: Mountmellick was a settlement in the fifteenth century. Situated on a narrow river called the Owenass (river of the falls) with an encampment on its banks at Irishtown. Over looking this valley with its trees and wild life was a small church called Kilmongan (Ivy Chapel), which was closed by Penal Laws in 1640. To this setting the Society of Friends (The Quakers) came in 1657 led by William Edmundson, they saw a future for this settlement and built it into a town. This town was to grow to eight thousand people. With twenty-seven industries, which included Breweries, Distillery, Woollen Mills, Cotton, Tanneries and Glass, it was a boomtown in the late nineteenth century.? Mountmellick Malt Extracts and Beer Kits are made from the original recipe using finest two-row barley malts, carefully processed to produce extracts of unparalleled consistency, purity and quality.

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